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Will HTC Devices Get Official Gingerbread Updates Soon?

The tinkerers over at XDA-Developers revealed HTc update for its Chinese Huashan smartphone,now Android 2.3 with the latest version of Sense.

The Huashan is an HD2-alike running Android, so there’s potential to see this ROM ported over to similar hardware in the West, including our HD2 and the Evo 4G.

It will take work for hardware differences, like the Evo’s CDMA and WIMAX, you can expect to see early versions of a port, likely within the next few days.HTC device will soon get Gingerbread in future, then no need to this hack.

The XDA users or HTC itself, you should be getting Gingerbread with the latest Sense UI soon enough, so be patient. In the meantime, you can have some Gingerbread fun playing with the latest CyanogenMod.

Source: XDA-Developers