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Samsung Galaxy S 4G Review

Samsung Galaxy S 4G ReviewSamsung Galaxy S 4G is a touchscreen phone at a suitable Price in India. Samsung Galaxy S 4G lets you stay connected with friends through messaging, Email, Instant messaging and Social networking integration. It lets you chat and update nomatter wherever you are. Samsung Galaxy S 4G capture images and videos with its 5.0 mega pixels camera. More than this you can store your valuable data in phone memory or external memory up to 32 GB and 16 GB Card included.

The Package Contains:

  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G
  • 16GB microSD card
  • 1650mAh battery
  • MicroUSB data/Charging cable


Samsung’s Galaxy S 4G is a near carbon-copy of the Samsung Vibrant that debuted on T-Mobile’s network last summer. In fact, a side-by-side comparison of the two phones will reveal only two changes. First, the color of the battery cover is different. It has a silver-burst finish to it, rather than the speckled black seen on the Vibrant. Second, it will take the sharp-eyed to spot the small, user-facing camera on the face of the Galaxy S 4G. Otherwise, physically, these devices are identical.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G ReviewSamsung Galaxy S 4G Review

It is a big slab of a phone that feels fairly light in the hand, but still solid and well made. Most surfaces are either plastic orSamsung Galaxy S 4G ReviewSamsung Galaxy S 4G Review glass, and it comes off a bit slippery in the hand. The front is dominated by the large touch screen. There are four capacitive buttons placed at the bottom edge to access the standard Android Menu, Home, Back, Search actions.

The volume toggle is on the left side of the Galaxy S 4G and it is small-ish with minimal travel and feedback.

The 3.5mm headset jack is located on the top of the phone, as is the microUSB port, which is covered by a little door. The door slides sideways to reveal the port. The microSD card slot is located under the battery cover, but thankfully not under the battery itself.


Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a phone with text and multimedia messaging, speaker phone, voice dialing, conference calling, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. You can also make calls over the Wi-fi network without getting charged. There are standard Google services and support, since this is an android running phone. The services are POP3, Microsoft Exchange and IMAP accounts. This device also supports Flash 10.1 and voice dialing over Bluetooth.

The Handset also comes with entertainment preloaded. It includes Kindle for android, slaker Radio and Full copy of Inception movie.


The phone employs the latest proprietary Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. Unlike TouchWiz 3.0 on the Samsung Wave, it allows up to seven homescreens. However, different from other Android user interfaces, TouchWiz 3.0 allows users to add, delete and rearrange homescreens. The program launcher is also different from other Android user interfaces in that it has an iOS-like program menu which allows customization of shortcuts. In addition, three of the four shortcuts at the bottom of the screen can also be customized.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G ReviewSamsung Galaxy S 4G Review

The Epic 4G features a specialized version of TouchWiz based on TouchWiz 2.5. Because of the Epic 4G’s QWERTY slide-out keyboard, the homescreen needed to be able to rotate into landscape mode, and accordingly several key features and applications are absent on the Epic. TouchWiz 3.0 devices do not support this feature, and because of that difference, the Epic 4G ships with a heavily modified TouchWiz 2.5 interface. The customization of homescreens, as well as several other features found on TouchWiz 3.0 devices like the Vibrant and Captivate, is not supported in the version of TouchWiz that ships on the Epic 4G.

The most important aspect of all three generations of TouchWiz is the widget interface. The most prominent widgets that come with the Galaxy S are the daily briefing, weather clock and the buddy widget. In addition to Samsung widgets, standard Android widgets can be added and removed from the homescreens.


The camera is amazing it performs as good as or sometimes even better than my friend’s 8mp camera on his Evo, but it isn’t as consistent as getting good photo’s I guess those 3mp do make a difference. As for the 720p video recording, it is beautiful, if you transfer it to your computer it will seem like a HD video it is supposed to be. Unfortunately it still does not have a flash, though cell phone flashes are still of limited usability for the most part. The VGA front facing camera works on video chat applications, such as the preloaded Qik and our favorite, Tango. Cellular video chat is still in its infancy, but the Galaxy S 4G is on par with the rest of the industry right now.


Samsung Vibrant and Galaxy S 4G is the addition of the 4G radio. Though this is the third 4G phone on T-Mobile, the Galaxy S 4G is the first to offer 21+ Mbps download speeds via T-Mobile’s HSDPA+ network. The phone is capable of HSUPA speeds of 5.76 Mbps but in our testing we only got around half a meg, which is the same as we found with our 4G comparison test.  At right around 3Mbps download speeds were considerably slower than the 7+ we achieved with our USB stick in the comparison, but still faster than 3G.  We wouldn’t exactly say it is 4G speeds, but given that we’re working with a handset here and not a laptop the speeds were plenty quick for loading web pages, downloading apps and streaming music.

Battery Life:

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is shipped with 1,650mAh Li-ion battery. The device has talk time of 6.5 hours and a standby time of 12.5days.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G Specification


HSDPA 21Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps

Android 2.2, Froyo

SAR Value: Head0.9 W/kg

SAR Value: Body1.23 W/kg



4″ Display

Touch Screen


Charcoal Gray


Up to 400 Hours Standby Time

Up to 6.5 Hours Talk Time


Bluetooth Capability

GPS Capability

Internet HTML Browser

USB Connectivity

Wi-fi Connectivity



Voice Recognition

Memo Pad

Mobile TV


5.0MP Rear-Facing Camera with HD Camcorder VGA Front Facing Camera

4x digital zoom


Video Player

Music & Sound

Storage and Memory

Up to 32GB


Calling Functions

Dialed/missed/received Call Display



Corporate email

Instant Messaging


Predictive Text Input T9

Business & Office

Voice Mail


4.82 x 2.54 x 0.39


4.16 oz


Samsung Galaxy S 4G’s call clarity and quality both was good. The voice heard was good without environmental noise. The speaker quality was also pretty OK but was not loud. Since Samsung Galaxy S 4G is equipped with 1GHz Cortex A8Samsung Galaxy S 4G Review Hummingbird processor which keep up our demands about the smartphone’s performance, however sometimes the phone do lag, like in this case, while uploading a picture from picture gallery to email.


  • Wonderful Super AMOLED display gives great multimedia experience
  • Great battery life
  • 21+ Mbps 4G speeds is the best on the market
  • Comfortable, thin design


  • The materials could be better
  • Lots of bloatware