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Microsoft Develops A Faster Touchscreen With 1MS Latency (Video)

Microsoft research team working hard to make touchsreens even more better than now, recently they showed-off a touchscreen system with response times that are a hundred times faster.

Microsoft’s Steve Clayton has brought up an interesting point about how touchscreen lag affects the experience of dragging things across a large screen. Clayton said, “As touch screens gets bigger and you start to drag stuff across an area bigger than your average 4[in] smartphone, the current lag is really going to start to show.”

Clayton referred to a claim made by Microsoft researcher Paul Dietz who said that with a 100ms response time, a finger traveling at one metre per second is going to introduce a 10cm gap between the finger and the object on screen. Of course Microsoft isn’t in the display business, but the firm has shown through its impressive Surface device that it works hard on developing multi-touch user interfaces using large displays.

This research is largely theoretical, with Microsoft focusing on how the user experience with touchscreens noticeably improves as we decrease the input latency. We have no idea if Microsoft actually coming up with a system intended for use in future smartphones and tablets; it seems more like it’s encouraging display manufacturers to live up to the expectations it’s setting.

Checkout the video below.

Source: Microsoft