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Leaked Image Shows Samsung Galaxy S III Will Have 4.8-Inch Screen

In past we heard that the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch with 4.65-inch display while others reported on a 4.8-inch screen.

According to a report that the screen on the device is a rather big one, measuring 4.8-inches.It seems that phone is 135mm tall, using the ruler above the phone you’ll find that the screen is around 10.5 cm tall by substracting 1.2 cm — distance from bottom to the screen — from 11.7 cm — distance from the top to the screen. Given a 16/9 aspect ratio we can calculate that the screen is around 5.9 cm wide. From here we can calculate that the diagonal is around 12 cm, which translates to 4.74 inches — just about the same size as the One X.

Also leaked images shows that there is the hardware Home Button.

Source: KnowYourMobile