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Samsung Galaxy S III New Video Shows Gesture Controls, Screen Capture

Galaxy S III Gesture Controls

When Samsung Galaxy S III launched we saw so many new features that makes this smartphone awesome.Now we got a video that shows a highlighting feature of the Galaxy S III called gesture recognition.

Many time we scroll contacts, messeges and many more things but when we’re in the middle of scrolling through a long list of items, and decide to check something out back at the start, than we need to scroll up again , but on the Galaxy S III we just need to do a little double-tap on its top edge.

Multi-touch gestures using multiple fingertips are nothing new, but the GS3 will support a screen capture mode where making a broad swipe with the edge of your hand horizontally across the screen will trigger a screenshot.Also you can pause video playback by holding your palm up against the GS3.

Source: XDA-Developers