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Developers Brings Sense 4.0 For Galaxy S II Boots

Today, we look at a major milestone being reached towards getting Sense 4.0 on Samsung’s Galaxy S II, with news of the first-such custom ROM booting on the phone’s international version.Developers Brings Sense 4.0 For Galaxy S II Boots

This ROM is the work of the Sense4All team, which has succeeded in getting the phone to boot with Sense 4.0 in place. That said, there’s a whole lot that’s not working at the moment, and we’re a long way off from this being ready to be a daily driver, but it’s major progress, all the same.

We don’t even have a complete list of what’s working and what’s not, but with kind-of important systems like voice calls and data connectivity reportedly not working, it’s clear just how far off we are.

Source: XDA-Developers