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HTC Planning For HTC Flyer 2 Thinner, Android Jelly Bean Tablet

HTC Flyer 2 rumors

According to recently rumors the HTC working on Thinner, Faster Flyer 2 Android Tablet, as a follow-up to the seven-inch Flyer (above).

HTC Flyer 2 get a small resolution bump up to 1280 x 768. The camera moving from a 5/1.3-megapixel front/back arrangement to just three megapixels around back and one up front; that may be a cost-reducing decision. The Flyer 2 is said to shrink things down to just 7.1 millimeters, a nearly-fifty-percent reduction in thickness.

The Flyer 2 would supposedly arrive running a Snapdragon S4, presumably around 1.5GHz, and have Jelly Bean out of the box.

Via: Android Guys