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Infographic: iPhone Damage Occurs In The Home, 9% In The Toilet

The most dangerous place to use an iPhone is not great outdoors, recently a survey done by SquareTrade proof that almost 51% iPhone damage occurs in the home.

The most dangerous spot within your house is the kitchen (21%), which is followed closely by the living room (18%) and bath(16%). Even the laundry room is a hazard with 5% of  damaged iPhones coming from the washing machine. Another 9% of damaged iPhones are pulled from the toilet.

The results follow a similar study published by SquareTrade last month that claimed Americans alone have spent $5.9 billion on damaged iPhones. That same survey noted that the main reason phones became damaged in the first place was falling out of user hands (at 30 percent of issues), followed by liquid damage at 18 percent.

Checkout iPhone damage in the full infographic below.

iPhone Damage Infographic

Via: SquareTrade